Welcome To The Lazer Weazel Experiment


So What Does It All Mean?

Don't ask me what it means because in the great tradition of made-up band names, it doesn't have any. It is the name my sons will use when they get around to forming one. But first they have to decide on what type of music to play. They each have a favorite genre so they have to find a cross between grunge, metal and punk. Or maybe they'll just play DeathJazz. I just joined this class yesterday but I am excited to be here. I am planning on becoming a School Librarian and creating webpages, websites and blogs are good skills to have in this field.

My reasons for choosing BlueHost are as follows:

  1. I already have 2 hosted domains on GoDaddy but it doesn't use CPanel.
  2. I didn't really have a lot of time to research hosting sites as I just registered for this class yesterday so I did a quick one hour read through of the links and went with the one most recommended by my classmates and Dr. Hamerly.
  3. Bluehost has great pricing and their tutorials are easy to use and had me up and running in less than an hour.